Yea sacc - Belisle 🩄

Yea sacc - Belisle 🩄

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Yeast culture for better absorption of food.
Brownish powder.

Product composed of saccharomyl cerevisiae 1026 yeasts and the medium on which they have grown.
Contains approximately 5 billion Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast cells per gram, enzyme supplements (alpha and beta amylase, invertase, maltase, lipase and protease) as well as culture medium. Everything is dried so as to preserve the fermenting power of the yeast. Yea-Sacc contains 98% living cells which, when multiplying in the rumen or stomach, more easily release vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. The addition of yeast creates a favorable environment necessary for the vitality of the microorganisms present in the digestive system. Yeasts allow better digestion and assimilation of nutrients from the ration.

Dosage: Adult horse : 10 grams/day. Pregnant mare (last 3 months) 20 grams/day. Foal: 5 grams/day.

Combine with Oligosacc for better results. 

Storage: keep in a dry, cool place. 

1 kg.