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swӓt. A Fly Spray is a proprietary blend proven to keep bugs and insects off you and your horse. It's a great alternative to toxic sprays. DEET free and all natural. The plant based formula works really well and smells great too. Use it anytime you or your horse are outdoors. It can also be used when you are in the garden, cutting the grass or sitting ringside. Each essential oil repels different bugs -- Citronella (mosquitoes, biting flies, no-see-ums and gnats) Cinnamon (ants and wasps) Peppermint (ants and mosquitoes) Lemon (flies) Lemongrass (mosquitoes) Rosemary (flies and mosquitoes) Myrtle (flies and mosquitoes) Eucalyptus (all stinging and biting bugs) Tea Tree (fleas, mosquitoes and biting insects) Get yourself a toxin free solution this season and skip the ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Offered in 4 oz sample size, 28 oz standard size (with pump).